Kellyn Duarte
by Kellyn Duarte

Hello world! I'm Kellyn!

My full name is Kellyn Vianna Duarte, I’m 28 years old, I graduated in pegagogy but I decided to be a software developer, I’m vegan 🥑 and passionate about education, technology and personal development. ❤️

My history in the field of technology is relatively recent. About 5 years ago, I left classrooms and started working in technology companies. In that time I worked a little bit with commercial, marketing, processes and even writing some code from time to time. In the latest years I worked as Product Owner/Manager, I was the interface between development teams and stakeholders, analyzing the quality and specifications of software, scoping tasks and prioritizing deliveries.

I always liked the technical part a lot and felt a little disappointed for not being able to solve things by myself. I’m doer person and having to wait for the development team with endless demands frustrated me. I had the ideas but not the knowledge to apply them. So this year I officially decided to start my career as a software developer.

Every day I dedicate my time to learning more and getting closer to my goal. I’ve learned HTML, CSS, Javascript - React, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails and a lot of other stuff. But more importantly, I’ve been learning how to have discipline not to give up when things get complicated and that I really like to program. :)

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to connect with people with the same passion, so this will be a place to share all my experiences and thoughts with you and to encourage other women to learn how to program as well - but everyone can benefit from knowledge.

I hope you join me on this journey! We Can Do It! 💪

If you want to talk, just send an email to or give me an ‘Hello’ on instagram .